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Watch the HACKPOLITIK Trailer

Watch the HackPolitik Trailer! Clips from our premiere in Boston, MA. Created by M.Abs Media Music by Peter Van Zandt Lane Performed by the Juventas New Music Ensemble We’re showing excerpts of HackPolitik at a few of our upcoming shows- we hope to see you there!

Artists are part of the problem.

In the Huffington Post’s Arts and Culture section today, dance artist Nora Younkin wrote an article about the ongoing problem of arts funding, with particular respect to the plight of dancers. Younkin states that we are part of a pool of talented, creative artists who are struggling to find viable means of sustenance; a story […]

Notes from the Artistic Director

What does it mean to be good? I’ve been thinking  a lot recently about what it means to be “good,” particularly in an artistic sense. It’s easy to write it off as something wholly subjective and as an unimportant distinction, but I actually think that contrarily, knowing what we define as “good” upholds our standards […]

Friends of The People Movers: Support Anna Reyes!

Friends and supporters,  We have a guest writer for this blog post- my friend Anna Reyes, who is a dance artist working out of Boston. I encourage you to check out my friend Anna’s new Kickstarter campaign. Below she talks about the creation of her innovative new dance film, “The Good Parts of Being Alive.”  […]

HackPolitik in the Press

What People are Saying about HackPolitik Forbes writer Parmy Olson came to the opening on Friday night and shared her thoughts via the Forbes blog. Olson is also the author of We are Anonymous, the book about Anonymous that was used as a primary resource for the creation of HackPolitik. “the production, more than a […]


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